Why is self discipline so critical to your child’s development? Because, without the ability to use self discipline or willpower to delay gratification, your child will not develop the skills necessary to excel and to compete in an increasingly complex and competitive world.

Everything in life takes work. Teaching our children to work and achieve is an important step toward the development of these skills. Martial arts training is an excellent way to start them on the road to success.

As parents we use discipline and the setting of limits to control our children’s behavior. But if we teach them to rely on our limits instead of their own they will be ill equipped to make responsible choices.

Martial arts can help your child develop this critical self discipline and self control by teaching them to work to progress in rank until they reach the ultimate goal of achieving their black belt level.

Self discipline is the key to the development of internal motivation, a healthy competitive drive, self esteem and self sufficiency. Martial arts training can help your child to develop all of these skills and more by setting a regular and consistent framework of expectation, goals and rewards.

Martial arts schools use a team approach involving both teachers and parents to coordinate goals and support the development of behaviors that help to move your child toward self discipline and self sufficiency.